Roti Heaven

On my way to find something touristy to do in Phuket Town, specifically look at and take pictures of “the Golden Dragon.” I’m a little hungry but figure I’ll go back to the hostel where they have a nice little racket going – no fridge, kitchen or microwave on premises but you can buy food and drinks at the small restaurant or coffee shop adjacent, both of which the hostel people conveniently own.
Despite google maps telling me the direction to go, I wander obliviously in the opposite direction the golden dragon. After not too long, I stumble past a woman making roti something for breakfast. 
It’s fried bread! It’s eggs! Immediately, I’m all “screw the golden dragon.”

I take a seat. About 40 minutes later I’ve consumed half a pot of tea, a small coffee with milk, roti with egg and rice folded in, one separate fried egg, a mysterious (to me) sauce that tastes a little like a good afternoon’s nap. I think about hanging out to blog and do some actual fiction writing but notice that the place has a pretty steady crowd and there’s only one empty table, which is about to be filled. So I ask for the check.
80 baht, says the demi-goddess at the fryer. That’s $2.43 US.
The place is not on either of my digital maps. There’s no storefront with a name, but it could be called “Abdul’s.” When I go back there for lunch I’ll let you know.  


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