This is a spontaneous outpouring of blogness. I love traveling (and writing) and decided to occasionally jot down some observations and absurdities from the road. Welcome to Round The World Gyal, a Jamaican girl exploring the world one step at a time.

While traveling, I’m also writing novels and other disguised truths. Check out my books here – http://www.FionaZedde.com – and, when I write as Lindsay Evans, here – http://www.LindsayEvansWrites.com.

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  1. BOLT says:

    Hey Dear Sister,

    We have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. To accept and for details about what to do next visit :

    We think your blog is terrific! Thank you for sharing it with the world.
    Marci and Kathy Halili Akoma

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fiona Zedde says:

      Thank you SO much for the nomination. I have no idea what it means but I’ll soon find out :-). You both are simply fab!


      1. BOLT says:

        We are fans and this way we can share you with our friends. You deserve it and much more. Blessings abundant to you. Be well


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