Jacuzzi related injuries and other not-quite disasters on the road

 Koh Samui has been incredible. Not just because the island is beautiful (which it is) or that the food is delicious (so much yum!) but because of the wonderful people who made me feel SO welcomed. Karen, Max and Kate (Aroonphad), goddesses on earth, made my time on the island absolutely magical. And I’m not just saying this because they fed me.
It was absolutely perfect that on the last night with them, instead of going out to see “lady boys” perform on stage in a nearby club, we put on our bathing suits to swim in the jade-tiled pool and float with sun-warmed water at our backs while above, the stars came out to glitter and seduce like they themselves were on stage.
The fact that later that night, I almost took out my kneecap getting into the jacuzzi is incidental.
Beautiful rainy days.


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