Springtime Madness #Madrid

Spring is here for real this time. Flowers have burst into full bloom all over the place, along with all the allergies.

Provence, (Marseille) Day 1

On the road, I wake up early. Not sure why, it’s just a thing that happens. My eyes open at 5 something and I can’t go back to sleep. I was so excited that the bakery a few steps from our Airbnb opened at six. I got dressed and brushed my teeth extra slow to…

Best of 2018, My Version

Among all that foolishness out there in the world, I was determined to find some good things about the past year. Which is why I’ve made a list of some of my personal bests of 2018.

Cuba on the Fly

For me, Havana was an interesting mixture of the vibrant now and haunting remnants of a glorious past.

My Mango Sticky Rice Diet and other excesses

  20 baht food items ruined my life in Chiang Mai. If it cost 20 baht and was vaguely edible, I would gleefully shove it into my face. The only exception was the 40 baht mango sticky rice from the delightfully mean lady with the porcupine mole in the morning market.  She has my heart still.