Florins and cents


I’m cheap. Both in my real life and my travel life, which is mostly why I can afford to leave the country on a semi regular basis. That’s part of why Aruba hurts my soul.
$5 for a regular box of cereal.
$3 for a cup of ice topped off by a splash of Sprite.
$2.50 for half a dozen eggs
And a willy nilly attitude toward dollar to florins conversion.

The Internet says you get $1.79 florins for every $1 US. We have yet to get that when we pay for things in US dollars, especially when the person behind the counter/bar/register guesstimates the conversion rate. We’ll get some florins from the bank today and see if we fare any better.

In the meantime, we’re glad we brought some $0.40 boxes of mac and cheese from Aldi to eat when we’re not checking out the local food situation.


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