Paradise flight


Any time you get the chance to look down and see a bird flying below you, that is grace. Humans fly in a tin can and it’s amazing, but imagine gliding free with the wind against your skin, nothing artificial holding you aloft. I sit in the ruins of this ancient building, watching the birds fly above and below me, their slender black feet fluttering against white feathers, bodies effortless in the wind. Entranced.
It’s been a good day of discovery. We’ve wandered around the island, searching among ruins, clambering jagged rocks, and finally sipped from the sweet rough mouth of a freshly split coconut. Paradise has its place.


4 thoughts on “Paradise flight

    1. Thank you for reading my ramblings! This blog has been a great way for me to share another one of my loves – traveling – in a way that’s organic (I only create posts when I’m actually on the road) and doesn’t feel like a burden for me or the potential reader.


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