Springtime Madness #Madrid

Spring is here for real this time. Flowers have burst into full bloom all over the place, along with all the allergies.

Best of 2018, My Version

Among all that foolishness out there in the world, I was determined to find some good things about the past year. Which is why I’ve made a list of some of my personal bests of 2018.

Holiday Hate, Holiday Love (and Madrid)

I used to hate Christmas and the holiday season in general. Every time November rolled around and that damn turkey came out, I turned into the Grinch, Grumpy Cat, and Maleficent all rolled into one. Obviously, without the cool outfits. I know the exact reason too. I’m nothing if not aware of my own traumas…

Spain – a little ahead of myself.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with driving. The love, MY love, is mostly about and for Z. Alice Cooper, my Ice Blue Mini Cooper 2-door Hardtop. She’s sleek and pretty and goes 100 miles an hour without you feeling it. Sitting in her number one seat with the radio blasting, the windows down, the…