Guadalajara, Two Pueblos.

It seems a little nuts that it’s already September. But the proof is in the trees already changing colors and the nights that need blankets and a quick shiver before crawling into bed. Plus all the Virgo birthdays!

This past weekend was the first one where I didn’t have urgent deadlines, so the bae and I left the city with another couple to find some nature. Of course, what we found was so, so gorgeous. Majaelrayo with “arquitectura negra” and Valverde de los Arroyos with its pretty houses and gorgeous views.

Arquitectura negra.
It was hot in Majaelrayo!
Berries from the wild.

In one of the first villages where we expected to see buildings made from the black rocks of the region, there was pretty much just the dry nature and the hot AF sun. The waterfall nearby was completely dry because of the extreme heat and the annual village fiesta was understandably Covid cancelled.

Houses, fence, path, and view.

At the (only?) restaurant where we stopped for drinks, the proprietor said us tourists from Madrid wasted our time coming out there. Everything was dry and boring. We thanked him and went on our way.

From Majaelrayo, we went to Valverde de los Arroyos – dry to green – and we were amazed by the beauty there. The town is actually on a list of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Pretty with a filter.
A water trickle instead of waterfall, but still lovely. And the sound of the trickle was so peaceful.

All in all, a fab day trip.🌞


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