Tasting Spain – Part One

Huevos Rotos con Picadillo (too salty).

As I wander around Spain, I’m having a hard time finding yummy food. Unless traveling on the coast, everything here seems to be some form of white potatoes, rice, bread, or ham. You want to try going no-carb? Meatless? Good luck.


Spain is the land of Jamón Ibérico (Iberican ham) and where a common saying is “Del cerdo se aprovechan hasta los andares.” This basically means, the Spanish love everything about the pig, even the way it walks.

Let’s just say I’m not there yet.

Still, I’m excited to travel more around this beautiful country and experience all the things it has to offer. Over the next few posts, I’ll be micro-chatting about Spanish food – what I’ve recently eaten, what I liked (or didn’t like), and where to find it.

Today’s dish is Huevos Rotos con Picadillo (see photo). Normally, huevos rotos (broken eggs) is a much less structured affair. Imagine a bed of fries (or thinly sliced potatoes) mixed with soft/runny scrambled eggs. But this restaurant in Leon – Casa Mando – was maybe making a special version of the dish since Leon is 2018’s Capital Española de la Gastronomía (Spain Gastronomy Capital).

Food-wise, I’m pretty easy. Although it’s not a dish I’d choose to eat given actual viable choices, I can chow down on fries and scrambled eggs. In fact, I had pretty much this same dish – hard scrambled and more stuck together – in Zanzibar last year. Given the scarcity of yumminess, I’ve been defaulting to huevos rotos as my standby when everything else on the menu turns me completely off.

I loved the concept of this one, but the addition of the picadillo (more or less, ground pork) made it salty as hell.

Me, sitting in the middle of the street in Villafranca del Bierzo. Semi pondering doing the Camino de Santiago next year.



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