So, I found out currywurst is a thing here in Berlin. Maybe in the rest of Germany too but that’s too extreme of a guess for me to make. Anyway, I decided to try it since I am unofficially eating my way around the world.

I feel I should preface my reaction to currywurst by saying sausage isn’t really my thing. Even cut up into bits and covered in what I will assume is a curry type sauce. This, I think, is a fairly safe assumption. When I saw the signs for it, I basically asked the universe why? Out loud and frequently since I kept seeing stands advertising currywurst like it’s actually a thing people regularly buy. And maybe even enjoy.

At Berlin gay pride, I was feeling good. The sun was all shiny. And I had euros. The food cart lines were long and everyone seemed to be in the process of stuffing a sausage in their faces (bratwurst), about to get a sausage from an approved supplier, or was eating French fries. So I decided then and there to try this chopped sausage. With fries.

It was actually really good. I couldn’t begin to identify any known version of curry as being part of the sauce, necessarily per se. But I don’t know everything about curry so… Anyway, the currywurst was good, the fries were delish, and a good time was had by all my taste buds. Overall, an A+ situation until my body, immediately after the last bite, decided it needed to get rid of the sausage. But not from the front end.

Maybe it was the mayo.


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