Croatia, My Love

I’m more than a little in love with Simona. For the last couple of mornings, she’s made me white coffee and stuffed me full until I’m nearly bursting. Those of you who know me already know where I’m going with this.
Simona works at the bakery across from the Airbnb where my travel partner and I stayed in Zadar Center. She’s the absolute loveliest thing. Each morning, it’s a smile and a greeting, asking where we’re heading off to next, suggesting new things for us to try, even giving us parting pastry gifts on the last morning. This woman – and her two colleagues at the bakery – isn’t remarkable just because she consistently fed my carb and coffee addiction for three days straight. She’s fantastic because in a place where having satisfied customers seems like a foreign and unwelcome concept, her customer service is A+. Every morning and afternoon I’ve seen her, she greets the patrons with a smile and hello. She was never rude, impatient, or dismissive and always seemed glad to see us coming back to spend our money. There may have been other bakeries in Zadar, but because Simona was so thoroughly charming, perfect even, I never gave them a thought.
Between Simona, the Sea Organ art installation, and Plitvice Lakes, visiting Zadar has been a golden experience.

Simona’s Croissants

Down in the Green (Plitvice Lakes National Park)

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