40 with a Bang

This is the year I turn(ed) 40. Surreal, right? I’m still coming to grips with it in my own way, analyzing past life choices, looking toward the future I’ve planned for myself, doing my best to immerse fully in the now. So far, so good.

Part of this “luxuriating in the present” is traveling more. Going to places I’ve always had a desire to visit but was too scared/broke/alone to take the plunge. With that resolution made in my 40th year (and 6th year of being cancer-free. Yay!) I decided to explore Thailand. For a little while, I thought I would have company but instead I am traveling alone here. The next few posts (4 weeks) will feature snapshots from this time. 

For tonight, I’ve just arrived in the Bangkok airport to beautiful art and clear signage. Both are priceless. 



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